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Juice-O-Mat Juice-O-Mat

Juice-O-Mat Juice-O-Mat

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The Juice-O-Mat!
..Wireless and portable: The compact design allows you to enjoy freshly squeezed juice anywhere!
Maximum result: Automatically extract all the juice from your favorite fruits, without waste!
Easy cleaning: disassemble the Juice-O-Mat quickly to make it ideal and easy to clean!
Premium Quality: Made of high quality ABS material, the juicer is extremely durable and perfect for producing healthy juices!

Start your day with a glass of freshly squeezed juice!
Start your health journey today by easily integrating fresh juice into your everyday life. With the user-friendly design of the Juice-O-Mat, you get your healthy refreshment at the touch of a button. Improve your digestion and increase your energy in everyday life!

The battery system allows you to charge your Saft-O-Mat via USB and take it anywhere without any problems. Due to the compact design, it fits into any bag and is therefore super easy to transport.

Make your perfect breakfast a juice from your very personal favorite fruit and start the day full of energy and vitamins...

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